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Image Warping For Compressing And Spatially Organizing A Dense Collection Of Images

We describe a spatial image hierarchy combined with an image compression scheme that meets the requirements of interactive IBR walkthroughs. By using image warping and exploiting image coherence over the image capture plane, we achieve compression performance similar to traditional motion-compensated schema, e.g., MPEG, yet allow image access along arbitrary paths.

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Three-Dimensional Display Rendering Acceleration Using Occlusion Camera Reference Images

Volumetric three-dimensional (3-D) displays allow the user to explore a 3-D scene free of joysticks, keyboards, goggles, or trackers. For non-trivial scenes, computing and transferring a 3-D image to the display takes hundreds of seconds, which is a serious bottleneck for many applications. We propose to represent the 3-D scene with an occlusion camera reference image (OCRI) for more efficient rendering.

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