CIS 4930-001 Introduction to Augmented & Virtual Reality (Fall 2019)

Location: ISA 3048
Time: Tu/Th 3:30pm-4:45pm

Instructor: Paul Rosen
Office: ENB 311
Office Hours: Tu/Th 11am-12:30pm

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the variety of computer graphics and computer vision techniques that make modern augmented and virtual reality systems immersive. Students will engage in a semester’s-long group project from concept-to-demo, targeting their choice of application in augmented or virtual reality. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the requirements and capabilities of modern augmented and virtual reality systems.
  • Students will understand the capabilities and limitations of the algorithms and techniques that make virtual and augmented reality possible.
  • Students will be able to build augmented and virtual reality applications to suit a wide variety of needs.


Course Work

Major course work will consist of a single semester’s-long group project. Subassessments will be included throughout.

Each group will be responsible for one (1) 30-45 minute “tools and techniques” lecture. Topic include, but are not limited too: Intro/Advanced Unity; Using git Effectively; Agile Software Development; Blender 101; React VR; Three.js; vuforia; ARKit; ARCore; Other Useful Tool 101s.

Lecture Slides

GitHub Repo


Aug 27Intro to VRAug 29Intro to VR
Intro to AR
Sept 3No Class (Hurricane Dorian)Sept 5Intro to AR
Project Elevator Pitches
Sept 10Intro to AR
Design for AR/VR
Sept 12Design for AR/VR
Tool/Technique Lecture
Sept 17Design for AR/VR
Tool/Technique Lecture
Sept 19History of AR/VR
Tool/Technique Lecture
Sept 24History of AR/VR
Business of AR/VR
Tool/Technique Lecture
Sept 26Basics of Human Perception
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 1Basics of Human Perception
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 3Depth Perception and Projection
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 8AR/VR Displays
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 10AR/VR Displays
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 15Graphics Pipeline
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 17Graphics Pipeline
Tool/Technique Lecture
Oct 22No ClassOct 24No Class
Oct 29Peer DemosOct 31Lighting, Shading, and Effects
Nov 5Lighting, Shading, and EffectsNov 7Lighting, Shading, and Effects
Scene Graphs and Acceleration
Nov 12Scene Graphs and AccelerationNov 14Other Senses
Nov 19InteractionNov 21Final Project Demos
Nov 26Final Project DemosNov 28No Class (Thanksgiving)
Dec 3Flex/Review DayDec 5No Class (Reading Days)

Final Exam: Thursday December 12, 12:30-2:30pm

All dates and course content are subject to change.